General training

Coaching can be conducted as one to one sessions, or Masterclasses in groups of 3-4. Training can be given on your home range, Bisley or at my local ranges in Fareham and Havant (rates vary to cover travel).

A popular starter option is a 2 hour session in which I assess the current level of ability and review their goals before working on position knowledge, setup of the rifle and shot procedure. Each shooter leaves with an increased knowledge of the discipline and training exercises to use. This would ideally be followed up with another session 4-6 weeks later to reinforce the knowledge learnt in the first session and to identify other areas to develop.

The assistance can either be a single session or a series sessions through the year or special sessions in the run up to a competition you are attending.

training photo
training photo

Annual training plans

The ideal situation is a personalized training plan that covers the whole year and aspirations for the years following.

I can work with you to develop a personalized training plan to cover a single season, a year, or a number of years.

Not everyone is able to devote 7 days a week to shooting. I will set flexible training plans that interweave with your school, work and/or family commitments.

Competition attendance

I am able to attend competitions that you will be competing at and either work with at the competition or work independantly, assessing your performance, and then report on your performance immediately after the competition, or later.

Analysis of your position, shot placement, timing consistancy is all available, personalised to your requirements or as a standard package.

Video of your performance can also be recorded and a copy supplied.

IPC consultation

If you are thinking of taking up any form of disability shooting or are already competing I am able to advise you.

Equipment supply

I am able to advise on all appropriate equipment. This includes guns, firing point equipment and obligatory competition clothing (ISSF/IPC/NSRA).

Feinwerkbau air rifles or .22 rifles can be supplied - a 50% deposit will be required with the order.

Stands, pellet boxes, stopwatches and other acessories can also be supplied - let me know and I'll do my best to supply what you want at keen prices.

Carry cases, ammunition boxes, spare sights, sight-raising blocks and tools can also be supplied..


Gloves, boots, jackets and trousers of all sizes and makes can be supplied.

Advice is available on underclothing and outer clothing to comply with the various sets of International and national-body rules.

Jackets and trousers may be off-the-peg (OTP) or tailored to your size.

Don't hesitate to contact me for advice or prices

SCATT analysis

Analysis of SCATT files is available, either on a one-off basis or a series of sessions.

Support is available either by email with the SCATT files sent to me, or live over the Internet with an Internet-connected computer.

On-site SCATT analysis is also available at your chosen range.